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Brand Interpretation

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1. The deep blue means that Fote Machinery is a mature mining equipment enterprise and its product quality is worthy of your trust.

2. The golden above the deep blue represents that Fote Machinery is like a rising sun, and will give out more light and heat, that is, the tomorrow of Fote Machinery will be more splendid.

3. The Golden isoceles triangle represents the Pyramid of mining industry, and the “FTM” is the abbreviation of Fote Machinery, so the “FTM” on the top of the pyramid tells people that Fote Machinery will be a world-class brand at the top of the pyramid in mining industry.

4. Deep blue circular arc is the symbol of the Earth, and the “FTM” on the "Earth" represents that Fote Machinery not only keeps a foothold, but also develops into the world’s globalization strategy.

5. The letter “T” is at the top of the golden triangle, which means Fote Machinery will develop into a leader of mining industry.

6. The letter “T” is like an open arm calling people on its both sides to move closer, which means the staff of Fote Machinery will create brilliant future together.

7. The letter “M” is like two hands joined together, that is, Fote staff are united as one and make steady progress together with clear goal.

8. The golden triangle likes a long road extending to far, also means the bright future of Fote Machinery.

9. Blue is the color of sky and sea, representing Fote Machinery lives in harmony with nature and the environment, to create energy-efficient mining equipment.

10. The LOGO with the three letters “FTM” is simple and powerful, and capital letter “M” represents the Machinery type of Fote Machinery. The LOGO is simple and live, with a sense of maturity.


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