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The Causes and Solutions on the Faults of Jaw Crushers

The jaw crusher first appeared in 1858. It was firstly widely used in road construction projects. Later, jaw crushers are used in mining. It has many advantages, such as high crushing ratio. The size of the finished products of jaw crushers is uniform. And the the structure of a jaw crusher is simple. It is in operation reliably. Besides, it’s easy for people to maintain jaw crushers. And its operating cost is economical.

Fault 1: The flywheel is rotating but the dynamic jaw stops wiggling.

Cause: The thrust plate is broken off, the connecting rod is broken down, or the spring is broken off.

Solution: Replace the thrust plate, repair the connecting rod, or replace the spring.

Fault 2: The toothed plate is loose, which causes the sound of the strike of metal.

Cause: The set screw of the toothed plate or the side wedge plate is loose or broken.

Solution: Fasten or replace the screw or the side wedge plate.

Fault 3: The particles of the finished products are becoming thick.

Cause: The bottom of the toothed plate is obviously worn out.

Solution: Turn the toothed plate around or adjust the size of the outlet.

Fault 4: The bearing pad of the thrust plate generates clash.

Cause: The spring tension is insufficient or the bearing pad is worn out or loose.

Solution: Adjust the spring tension or replace the spring; Fasten or repair the bearing pad.

Fault 5: The spring is broken off.

Cause: Forgetting to loosen the spring while the size of the outlet is adjusted to be smaller.

Solution: The spring should be loosened before the size of the outlet is adjusted to be smaller. After the adjustment, the pull rod nut should be fastened properly.

Fault 6: The machine is beating.

Cause: The anchor bolt is loose.

Solution: Screw down or replace the anchor bolt.

Fault 7: The attachment bolt between the upper bracket and the lower bracket is loose.

Cause: Vibration

Solution: After the machine halt, disassemble the bolt and heat it in the mineral oil to 150℃. Then assemble it on and screw down the blot.


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