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The Influence of Cone Crushers on the International Market

There are lots of difficulties in the process of the development of cone crushers. There are still some obstacles of the crushing machines industry development toward the international market. These obstacles have some negative influence on the development of Chinese crushing machines in the international market. How to remove these obstacles is becoming the key element for Chinese cone crushers to be sold into the international market.

Firstly, the domestic manufacturers are lacking experience in the integrated manufacture of cone crushers. And the state-owned enterprises in our country do not actively sum up the experience of the foreign manufacturers and learn the advanced technology. We haven’t reached the international advanced level in producing cone crushers. Besides, Few state-owned enterprises are investing in the science research or the development of new products. In this case, it will be harder to inspire the confidence of the enterprises to devote to research and development.

Secondly, the excess capacity of cone crushers is also an important reason why the development of this industry is conditioned. With the constant increase of the investment of the infrastructure construction, the demands of cone crushers are increasing a lot. However, it causes the excess capacity of cone crushers, the low technical content of the products, and the enormous energy consumption.

Finally, although the financial crisis is gone, it caused the constant stagnant economy. With the increasingly fierce market competition of cone crushers and the constant flow of trade internationally, the pace of the development of the crushing machines in our country will be more and more fast.


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