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The Maintenance of an Impact Crusher

⑴In the operation process of an impact crusher, it should be examined regularly. When there are abnormal sounds or when the temperature of its bearing is more than 70℃, the impact crusher should stop running and be examined immediately. After the timely elimination of the faults can the impact crusher start running.

⑵While the impact crusher is in operation normally, the materials can be fed into it and they should be fed uniformly, which can prevent the materials from mixing with hard iron objects. Feeding materials should be stopped before the impact crusher stops running. When the impact crusher has finished crushing all the materials inside it can the motor be stopped.

⑶After the inspection of an impact crusher or the adjustment of its outlet, the rotor of the impact crusher should be rotated with hand firstly to ensure that there is no friction or getting stuck between the rotor and other parts of the impact crusher and that the rotor can rotate smoothly. Then, the motor of the impact crusher can be started.

⑷It should be examined regularly whether the bearing supports have been sealed well. Lubricating grease should be injected into the bearings once a month. Every three months, all the bearings should be cleaned and the lubricating grease and the felt should be replaced.

⑸While examining whether the fasteners are loose, people should pay attention to examining the screws, which are used for compressing the plate hammers and on the both sides of the rotor. Otherwise, the pressing plates will be loose, the rotor body will be revealed and may hit the machine body, which may break some parts of the machine.

⑹In order to ensure the safety of the operators and the equipment, in the operation process of an impact crusher, it should be forbidden to repair, adjust or clean the machine. Besides, in this process, all the little gates of the impact crusher mustn’t be opened.

⑺If the particle size of the finished products of an impact crusher is too large, it should be examined whether the plate hammers are worn in order to prevent the rotor from being worn.


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