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The Operational Rotary Kiln Suffers from a Sudden Power Cut

As we all know, any machinery equipment may be in some emergency when it is in normal operation. Among all kinds of emergency, power cut is the most common one. As for a rotary kiln, when it suffers from a sudden power cut and the motor in reserve can not supply power in time, it will cause that many systems can’t be in operation normally, including the equipment, electrical system, and meter system. And the tail gas can not be dealt with normally. In this case, the rotary kiln should be stopped immediately. The solutions are as follows:

1. First of all, the emergency venting chimney, which is of the second combustion chamber of the rotary kiln, should be opened (Do not open the other furnace doors on the bottom in case of too much smoke), which can prevent the high-temperature smoke from coming into the tail gas treatment system. Meanwhile, it can protect the boiler with waste heat and its following devices.

2. When the furnace door is open, the burner and the waste liquor spray gun should be taken out of the hearth, which can prevent the burner from being broken by the radiation heat of the hearth.

3. Turn on the tap water to supply water to the water-cooled jacket of the rotary kiln.

4. The front fuel gas valve of the bag filter should be turned off with hand. Turn on the by-pass valve of the bag filter. Turn off the back fuel gas valve of the bag filter to prevent the high-temperature smoke from damaging the bags.

5. Send back the pusher and close the sealing door artificially. Then, cool the system. In this process, the kiln body of the rotary kiln must be rotated artificially regularly.

6. As for the steam recycling device, the steam valve can be turned off to prevent the excessive high temperature from damaging devices. Meanwhile, the steam vent valve can be turned on to discharge steam

7. Mustn’t discharge circulating cooling water from all the heat-exchange equipment, such as boiler, steam condenser, under high temperature condition, or mustn’t do discharge operation.


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