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The Features and Improvement of Fote Gravel Production Line

According to the experts of Fote Heavy Machinery, only by paying much attention to the following 8 key points can the industry develop rapidly, which can lay the foundation of the development of the national economy construction.

1. Efficient Operation. The equipment configuration of the gravel production line must be reasonable and efficient in order to ensure the high efficient production in the operation after the investment.

2. High-quality Products. After the investment and production of the gravel production line, the finished products should be of high grades and nice shapes, which means that they’re of high quality.

3. Low Construction Investment. At the beginning of the production and construction, the chemical components of the materials should be made an analysis of. And it should be done a comprehensive experiment in the abrasion performance of the metals. The reasonable main equipment should be selected. Meanwhile, the layout of the whole production process should be simple and fluent in order to decrease the one-time investment.

4. Low Running Cost. After putting into production, you should ensure the lowest running cost, such as the labor cost, the load and transport cost, and so on.

5. Efficient Utilization of Resources. To combine the cement plant with the gravel production line can make all the finished products play their different roles, which can realize zero release and no waste of resources. The gravel production line has been improved by Fote Heavy Machinery, which has already gotten an obvious effect.

6. Zero Release in the Whole Production Line. The plant should be built as a closed one. At the source of dust, dust should be collected scientifically. Meanwhile, it can be combined with the atomized spray technology to realize zero release. Besides, it can conduct the mining exploitation and reclamation at the same time, which can make the gravel production line a ecological modern industry, from which the later generations can benefit a lot.

7. To Build a Safe and Reliable Production Line. The machines should be under the interlocking and automatic control, which can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the whole line.

8. To Build the Intelligent Production Line. According to the required particle sizes of the finished products, each machine can be adjusted automatically.


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