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The Importance of Fote Sand Washing Machine in the Market

Gravel is the basic aggregate in the engineering construction. And the quality of gravel determines the effect of the whole project. Thus, high request is put forward on the technology of the gravel production equipment. Recently, in the market, the demand of some machines is very large, such as the jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, especially the sand washer, which accounts for a large proportion of sales.

The sand washing machine is known as a necessary equipment in the gravel production line. It is because the gravel structures in different places in our country are different. Especially, the soil content of the gravel in the southwestern China and the south China is large. Therefore, it is in need of the sand washing machine and other equipment. Only in this way can the produced sand be very clean, which can meet the higher requirement in the engineering construction.

There are a lot of limitations in the production of sand washers by machinery enterprises. Thus, it is difficult for clients to select the professional sand washer. The screw sand washer, made by Fote Heavy Machinery, is often used in the gravel production line. And the design of it is delicate and its property of washing sand is excellent. In this washing process, there is no pollution and less sand wasted.

Besides, aiming at the issue that the screw sand washer is of high cleaning rate and high wastage rate while the wheel bucket sand washer is of low cleaning rate and low wastage rate, the engineers of Fote make an improvement. In the gravel production line, the wheel bucket sand washer is combined with the screw sand washer. The materials firstly are sent into the screw sand washer. After they are coming out of it, they will directly go through the wheel bucket sand washer, which can guarantee the high cleaning rate and low wastage rate.


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