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The Equipment Installation and Test is an Essential Part of Mineral Separation

As for the mineral separation process, we, Fote Heavy Machinery, provide much service for you, including the engineering consultancy, mineral separation test, mining design, equipment manufacture, installation and test, and so on. Among all these service, the installation and test is the key element of the mineral separation test, mining design, and equipment manufacture. And, it is also an essential part which can determine whether the whole mineral separation plant can be in normal operation.

The installation and test is a very serious task, which is of strong practicability. Once there are some errors in the installation and test, it probably will cause the decrease of the recycling rate of the mineral separation, which will cause that the expected output of the mineral separation test can not be reached. For example, in different construction sites, according to the actual requirements, there may be errors because of the different open positions of one equipment. There may be some errors in the installation process. In the mineral processing line, the fine distinctions of the water consumption and the agents usage amount may also have a great influence on the final recycling rate.

In view of the importance of the on-site installation and test, we, Fote Heavy Machinery, ask some engineering technicians to help our clients. Most of them are our sophisticated technicians who have joined the mining design of the whole process with clients. It is because of our serous consideration. First of all, these experienced technicians are very familiar with the structure, performance, and usage of the equipment of Fote. Thus, they can help a lot in the process of the installation and test. Secondly, because our technicians take part in the whole course of the mining design task of our clients, they know the whole design of the mineral separation of the client very well. Therefore, they can deal with lots of actual problems rapidly in the construction of the mineral separation.


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