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Chinese Bucket Elevators Face Urgent Demand of Innovation

China has witnessed the rapid development of national economy since the reform and opening-up policy. All industries related to different fields are trying their best to adapt themselves to the fast economical development. As one of the most popular mining machines, the market for the bucket elevator is also extending to a wider range facing fierce competition. With the support from the government, Chinese bucket elevators have much potential of improvement and innovation.

The common bucket elevator has features of great delivering amount, high elevating height, stable operation and long service life which make it a type of fixed mechanical conveying equipment. It is used to deliver powder and particle materials vertically and continuously such as coal, cement, stone, sand, clay and minerals. As the driving part of the elevator is a circuit chain, the bucket elevator can deliver high temperature (less than 250℃) materials with the lifting height of 40m.

In recent years, Chinese bucket elevator has made much progress, but it still has 20 years’ technological gap compared with the foreign products. We produce lots of single machines and lack entire set of machines; we are good at making main engines not the auxiliary engines; our products have poor quality while we lack of high technology and high yield products. Above all, the industrial innovation of the bucket elevator is imperative for the nation and the machinery manufacturers.

So what measures can we start to take in order to achieve the final goal?

First, we need to keep in mind the innovation concept. For example, we must be familiar with elevator industry status, pay more attention to the system innovation and adapt ourselves to the market development. In addition, we need to extend the autonomy in management and stimulate the creativity to realize the sustainable development.

Second, it’s necessary to increase the resources integration and sharing strength, aiming to reduce the production cost, increase the working efficiency and extend the brand effect.


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