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The Biomass Pellet Plant Brings New Chances for Low-carbon Environment

As an equipment with new energy, in recent years, the biomass pellet plant has played an important role in environmental protection, which is increasingly welcomed in the market. The biomass pellet plant makes the biomass energy be made full use of. Some materials, which are of low recycling rate and may cause pollution easily, are excellent biomass pellet materials, such as the common forestry and agricultural residues, including wheat stalk, cotton stalk, maize straw, peanut shell, weed tree, and so on. By the process of the biomass pellet plant, the biomass pellet materials can be the fuel of high value in use. The products, made by the earlier domestic biomass pellet manufacturers, used to be exported to the southeast asian nations. The biomass pellet fuel has already substituted for the non-renewable energy, which has become the world’s fourth largest energy, after coal, oil, and natural gas.

The finished products of the biomass pellet plant have many advantages, including high density, high heat value, low cost. Besides, it is easy to be put out and it is convenient for usage, storage, and transport. And it is clean. It can replace fuel wood, coal, natural gas, or liquefied gas, which can be widely used for the fire stove, the heating boiler, the drying stove, and so on. The finished products of the biomass pellet plant are the latest renewable power in environmental protection. We, Fote Heavy Machinery, expert in the production of sawdust pellet machine, stalk pellet mill, biomass pellet plant, and many other kinds of biomass pellet production equipment. Therefore, the biomass pellet plant brings new chances for low-carbon environmental protection.

We supply our clients with the biomass pellet plants of various model numbers. We also produce the stand-alone and the biomass pellet production line, which can meet your satisfaction.


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