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The Operation Cautions of the Mobile Crusher

As we know, in mining machinery industry, the mobile crusher is a kind of technical crushing process machinery, which is widely used in the market. However, with the constant development of technology and technique, we should insist on the constant development of the mobile crusher. The improvement of the mobile crusher means the changes of the traditional industrial development mode and means the development of environment protection and low carbon, and the intelligent service manufacture. Besides, it also means the economy driven by the domestic demand and consumption to realize the new industrialization road. The improvement of the mobile crusher means the optimization of the business, technique, product, layout, in order to promote the improvement of the industrial structure.

It is very crucial to accelerate the industrial structure adjustment and transition. Thus, enterprises should consider how to obtain the excellent products with the least investment and consumption. We, Fote Heavy Machinery, focus on the innovation development in technique, product, brand, commercial mode, and so on. However, in the usage process of the mobile crusher, there are still some cautions.

Although people are very familiar with the mobile crusher, the operation of it should be paid much attention to. The operation details should be focus on, especially for the users.

Before we start the mobile crusher, we should ensure that there aren’t any materials in the crushing cavity. Before we start it, we must, in normal conditions, examine all the parts of it and the parts of the crushing machine to see whether there is some abrasion.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to examine all the automatic devices. If there is something wrong, the user should stop the crushing machine and clean up the crushing cavity immediately, in order to prevent the abnormal phenomena. Sometimes, in the operation process, the crushing machine may break off. In this case, the user must turn off the electrical system, in order to prevent the main engine from being burnt by the other motors mentioned above. Besides, the uniformity and the hardness of the material will have a great influence in the crushing process. They are very important elements.


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