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The Installation and Maintenance of Three Drum Dryer:

First: The Installation and the Test Run:

1. The three drum dryer should be installed on the horizontal concrete foundation, which should be fastened by the foundation bolts.

2. In the installation process, it should be focused that the main machine body should be vertical to the ground.

3. After the installation, it should be examined whether some bolts are loose and whether the door of the main machine is fastened tightly. If some of them are loose, please fasten them.

4. Collocate the power cords and the switches according to the power of the equipment.

5. After the examination, the operator can conduct the no load test of the machine. If the no load test is normal, it can be in operation immediately.

Second: The Maintenance of the Machine:

1. All the load of the three drum dryer is born by the bearing. Therefore, the service life of the bearing is much related to the good lubricant, which can directly influence the service life and running rate of the machine. Thus, the lubricant required to be injected into the bearing must be clean. And it should be sealed well. There are some major parts of the machine, which need to be lubricated, including the rolling bearing, the roll neck bearing, all the wheel gears, live bearing, and the sliding plane.

2. It is probable for the wheel rim, which is just installed on the machine, to be loose. Thus, it must be examined usually.

3. To notice whether each part of the machine is in normal operation.

4. To check the degree of wear of the quick-wear parts. It should be noticed that the worn parts should be replaced timely.

5. The chassis of the movable device should be put on the flat ground. The dust should be removed in case that the movable bearing can not move on the chassis when some unbreakable materials are into the machine, which will lead to serious accidents.

6. If the oil temperature of the bearing is increasing, the machine should be stopped immediately to find the problem and deal with it.

7. In the operation process, if there are some impact sound from the transmitting gear, the machines should be stopped in time and be examined.


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