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The Shaking Table of Fote Heavy Machinery

The shaking table, made by Fote Heavy Machinery, has many advantages, such as the high ore concentration ratio, high efficiency of the separation. It is easy to watch and operate it and convenient for the stroke adjustment. The bed surface can keep run evenly with the changes of the cross fall and the stroke. The spring is inside the box. And its structure is compact. The final concentrate and tailing can be gotten successively by the shaking table. The shaking table mainly consists of the machine head, motor, slope modulator, bed surface, ore tank, water tank, reciprocating bar and the lubrication system.

The bed surface of the shaking table conducts the vertical reciprocating motion by the crank-connecting rod drive mechanism. With the belt drive by the motor, the big belt pulley makes the crank rotate. With its rotation, the rocker moves up and down. When the rocker moves downward, the toggle plate pushes the back shaft and the reciprocating bar to move backward. Then the spring is compressed. The bed surface is connected by the linking base and the reciprocating bar. Thus, at this time, the bed surface moves backward. When the rocker is moving upward, with the expansion force of the spring, the bed surface moves forward.

During the time when the shaking table is moving forward, the inclined angle between the toggle plates changes from the big one to the small one. The horizontal movement speed at the endpoint of the toggle plate changes from the small to the big. Thus, the bed surface moves forward from slowly to quickly. On the contrary, when the bed surface moves backward, it will move from fast to slowly, which will can guarantee that the materials on the bed surface move forward and they can be separated by specific gravity.

The shape of the bed surface is right-angled trapezoid. There are two kinds of surfaces of the shaking table. One is the gray paint groove bed surface, the other is the rubber bed surface. The first one is used to separate fine silt while the rubber one is used to separate coarse ore.

The shaking table surface is supported by the shaking support on the slop adjustment device. The shaking support makes the bed surface, in a vertical plane, do the movement in curve up and down, back and forth. The shaking support is fastened on the adjustment base by the box iron. The dip angle of the bed surface of the shaking table can be adjusted by adjusting the screw rod to adjust the adjustment base.


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