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Proper Operation will Prolong the Service Life of Flotation Equipment

The flotation equipment as the core device applied in the ore beneficiation process has made much difference in the mining machinery industry. From the basic purchasing to the later operation of the flotation equipment, users should be careful about every detail. In most occasions, only professional operators can make sure that the flotation equipment works normally in the practical operation.

flotation equipment

When we use the flotation equipment, we should check if we have adjusted correctly the feeding quantity, the blast capacity and the wind pressure in the operation of the machine. Once there is abnormal trouble occurring, we must report it and solve it in time. It’s also necessary for users to remember to discharge the oil and water accumulated in the wind bubbles of the flotation equipment every day so that we can prevent the engine oil from entering the ore pulp that influences the flotation results.

If the flotation equipment keeps working day and night, it’s easy for us to see much trouble happening to the device. So in order to make the best use of the flotation equipment and prolong its service life, we ought to pay attention to the maintenance of the machine. For example, the bearings of the flotation machine which bear the entire load are easy to be hot when it runs, so to lubricate the bearings often will reduce the abrasion and increase the service life. The lubricating oil plays an important role to guarantee the life and performance of the flotation equipment. In most cases, what we need to do is just to add enough oil or to change to high quality oil.


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