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The Necessary Crushing Equipment in the High-standard Cement Production Line

As is known to those who are familiar with the construction industry, in the cement production line, the raw materials that we mostly adopt are limestone and clay. Certainly, little silica raw material or aluminum and iron raw material is needed to adjust the components of cement. After the crushing process, these materials will be ground into the cement material. In the high-standard cement production line, it is very strict to the production technique and the productivity. Thus, it is necessary to select the proper grinding equipment and the crushing equipment according to the types of the raw materials.

There are some kinds of calcareous materials, including limestone, marl, and marble, and so on. The hammer crusher is a powerful equipment. In the crushing process, limestone, especially the limestone with high silicon content, is of the highest hardness. It can lower the cost of crushing limestone for the cement enterprises by using the hammer crusher. The impact crusher can crush sandstone, sand, and coal refuses easily. In general, the natural silica raw materials include sand, siltite, and the natural ferric raw material like pyrite cinder and iron cake, and the aluminum material like bauxite.

The impact crusher is applied to crush the materials of big blocks, the counter plate angle of which can be adjusted, which can greatly increase the crushing efficiency. Generally, the higher the crushing ratio is, the higher the efficiency of the machinery is. There are some natural clay materials, such as loess, shale, mud rock, ore fines, and so on. In the recent market, the roll crusher is the common equipment to crush clay and mud.

Therefore, in order to recognize the efficiency of the crushing machinery, the unit power consumption should be taken into account. The new-type dry cement production line is of high flexibility in fueling oil, which is superior to that of the other production methods. For example, the shaft made from high silicon and high magnesium can be adopted in the new dry cement production line.


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