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The Introduction of the Parts of the Grinding Machine and the Crushing Machine

The crushing equipment and the powder grinding equipment are necessary for the development of many industries, such as the cement industry, gravel industry, mechanical engineering, and the desulfuration industry. However, the quick-wear parts play a very important role in the usage process of the crushing equipment. If the machine has been worn badly, the normal production of the enterprise will be affected directly, which will affect the production cost and the maintenance cost. Therefore, It has a great significance in the decrease of the production cost of the enterprise and for the promotion of the development of all industries to find out the reliable crushing machine parts, which are of long service life.

The major parts of the powder grinding machine are the grinding roller, the grinding ring, the cutter, and so on. These are the major parts of the Raymond mill. In the real operation process, If these parts have been worn badly or the quality of them is not so good, the productivity of the Raymond mill will be influenced directly. The grinding roller, grinding ring, and the cutter of the Raymond mill, made by Fote Heavy Machinery, are made from high manganese steel, which are wearable.

The major parts of the crushing equipment are the concave, the mantle, and so on. The concave and the mantle are the major parts of the cone crusher. In the real operation process, the extremely strong, high frequent, repeatedly alternative force acts on these parts. Thus, the quality of them directly has an influence on the working efficiency of the cone crusher. The service life of the concave of the cone crusher, made of Fote Heavy Machinery, is 1.5 times longer than that of the other cone crushers’. Besides, these parts are of many features, such as the resistance to the impact, friction, press, shear, and the long service life.


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