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Fote Sand Makers Perfectly Combine New Technology and New Design

At present, the current sand maker made by the Chinese mining machinery enterprises has realized the perfect combination of new technology and new design and these advanced machines are widely used in the industries of constructing highway, high speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal administration project, hydropower dam and concrete mixing plant etc. It can provide a large amount of quality gravel aggregate which makes sand makers the first choice in the sand making industry and stone shaping field.

sand maker

The product acceptability is considered as the most important factor in the sand aggregate production line. For example, there are a lot of ponors underground in the highway construction section and if we can’t handle the slurry pretty well, it’s easy for us to meet the hole collapse problems. Therefore, we should pay attention to quality of the sand aggregate. The sand maker made by our company has adopted the advanced technology introduced from foreign countries and developed our own brand. Our machines feature high yield and good sand quality.

The sand maker plays an excellent role in the large scale engineering construction because our products have met the international sand standard. Our impact sand maker combines perfectly the following features: unique rotor design, wear resisting materials, high crushing speed and the hydraulic pressure application. As for the artificial sand making industry, our sand maker can produce ideal sand and concrete aggregates; as for the stone shaping industry, the machine can make high quality and good shape products.

Our sand makers are invented based on the strong capacity, professional technology and wide service range of our company. We have made much contribution to the domestic construction industry and aim to be the role model for other mining machinery competitors.


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