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The Innovation of Mineral Processing Technology Can Lower the Cost

In fact, we have been trying to lower the energy consumption of the equipment and lower the cost. There are some methods which can deal with it. For example, we can constantly develop the mineral processing equipment directly. And we can increase the power consumption of the equipment itself. And we can try to produce the large-scale equipment and to control the equipment more accurately. In addition, it is very important to adopt the new techniques and to produce new equipment to deal with increasing problems. Certainly, the ball mill can be used to grind ore, which can make more fine final products. However, there is a matter of cost. By adopting this kind of new technique, instead of the traditional flotation separation method, can utilize the resources better. In the new equipment production or in the new techniques, we are trying to find out a more beneficial method to save energy and lower the consumption.

In a word, we have to insist in the production of the equipment, especially in the high efficiency of the equipment. Besides, the new techniques should be adopted constantly, which may not belong to our traditional ore industry. We should help our clients to select the proper equipment and nice techniques, which is our aim forever.

As we know, the mineral processing equipment and its technique is developing together. The technique is the core and the equipment is the base. The birth of a new-type mining equipment always bring the revolution of the mineral processing process. The technique level of the mining equipment is not only the advance of the process level but also directly affect the application of the production process and whether it can be in operation successfully. With the advance of technology, the combination of different industries, and the appearance of the new structures, new materials, and new techniques, and with the widely application of the automatic control technique, there will be more innovation of the mineral processing equipment, which will be of more high efficiency and energy conservation.


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