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Daily Maintenance is Important for Compound Cone Crusher

There are many trivial tasks we need to do about the maintenance of the compound cone crusher. Though it may takes users much time and labor, the value the maintenance operations bring will make us feel worthy. Briefly speaking, the maintaining work we need to do is involved with the following aspects: timely clearing the crushing cavity, replacing the lubricating oil and check for errors regularly.

compound cone crusher

When we say clearing the crushing cavity, we mean to remove the foreign materials inside the crushing cavity like tree roots, wires and iron wires which can’t be crushed smoothly because of their softness. If we are not able to clear these materials out of the crushing cavity, we will suffer many unpleasing experiences which will cause much damage to the machine. Additionally, the lubricating oil should be kept clean because once it’s been polluted, the serious abrasion problem will happen to the parts like gears, copper bush and bearings, thus reducing the machine’s service life. To check the cone crusher regularly will make us avoid the unnecessary problems and save much energy to maintain it.

In short, the daily maintenance work about cone crusher can be operated as follows:

1. Inspect the production process to find out and solve problems.

2. Make regular clearance of the crusher in order to prevent materials from gathering.

3. Check the movable parts of the crusher to make sure the triangle belt, gear and the axle sleeve are in the proper position.

4. Replace the lubricating oil frequently to guarantee good lubrication and reduce the abrasion between the interior parts.


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