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The Application Concept of the Ball Mill in the Mineral Processing Line

There are lots of mineral processing equipment. The ball mill is necessary in the mineral processing line, which is important in the market. The ball mill can dry or wet grind a variety of ores. It is widely used in many fields, such as the cement industry, the new-type building material, the refractory material, and so on.

In order to extract the gangue mineral from the ore and to separate different kinds of minerals, firstly, all the minerals should be separated as monomer. The mineral monomer separation can not be conducted only by crushing method. Thus, by using the ore grinding method can conduct it, which is the key part in the mineral processing line.

In the operation process of the ball mill, because the steel balls squeeze each other and are pressed by the tube of the ball mill. Therefore, there occasionally are different friction forces between steel balls. The steel balls rotate with the rotation of the main shaft and fall down inside the ball mill. Steel balls generate the strong impact force on the ore inside the tube to crush ores. In other words, the ores inside the tube of the ball mill are mainly broken by the grinding force, the impact force, and the pressing force. In the operation process of the ball mill, the material is fed into it from the inlet. When the ball mill tube is rotating, due to the inertia and centrifugal force and the friction force, the steel balls are driven to move by the lining plates inside the tube. When they have been driven to a certain height, due to the gravity of themselves, they will fall down and to hit the material to make it broken. Then, the material is going to the first grinding cavity, in which there are ladder plate and corrugated plate and steel balls of different sizes. The tube rotates to make the steel balls to move to a certain height and fall down, which will grind the material. After the coarse grinding process in the first grinding cavity, the material will be sent into the second cavity, in which there are the plane liner and steel balls, which will continue to grind the material. The powdery material can be discharged from the outlet. Then, the grinding operation can be finished.


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