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How to Select the Cost-effective Fine Crusher?

To select the fine crusher, the experience and technical knowledge are necessary. You should have the experience in the usage of a fine crusher and have known well about the working principle, structure, especially the combination of the parts and the property of this machine. And, as for the technical knowledge, you have to know the history, current situation, development trend of the fine crusher and the production process of it. Besides, the advance and the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment should be known. Only by grasping these knowledge can you select the fine crusher.

In the 1960s, the fine crushers in China had gone through the scale development. In the 1970s, there was the price competition of fine crushers. In the 1980s, the quality of fine crushers in China had been improved. In the 1990s, fine crushers had been promoted and welcomed. In the 21st century, there is the technical innovation of the fine crusher, which can catch up with the advanced techniques of the developed countries. Recently, there are so many fine crushers in China that lots of them have been exported to Africa or Southeastern Asia, because our fine crushers are not worse than that of the developed countries. And, our products are superior in price. Our labor cost is low and the material cost is not high. In the selection and purchase of the fine crusher, you should choose the one of simple and reasonable structure because it will be easier for the installation and the later maintenance. Besides, the crushing ratio of the equipment should be noticed. It would be better to select the fine crusher of higher crushing ratio. It should be noticed that, in the operation of the fine crusher, there should not be too much powdery material, which is useless. And you try your best to select the one of less noise, which is beneficial for the operators and the people around it.

The most important thing for selecting the fine crusher is that it should be of high efficiency and energy conservation. Recent fine crusher market is not the sellers’ market but the buyers’ market. In the selection time, many aspects should be considered, such as its feeding method, crushing capacity, crushing ratio, the amount of the needle-like particles, the service life of the wear-resistant parts, and so on. In the market, this kind of equipment, which is of high efficiency and energy conservation, is welcomed mostly. Clients do not select the fine crusher only by the price element.


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