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The Selection of the Hammerheads of the Crushing Machine

With the constant advance of the engineering construction in China, the mining equipment has developed. The crushing machine is the most common one. Due to clients’ increasing requirements of the property of the equipment and many experiments, the excellent part is the key for increasing the crushing machine’s usage rate. The hammerhead is the key wear-resistant part of the hammer crusher. Thus, the wear resistance of the hammerhead can directly affect the machine’s usage rate. Both of manufacturers and clients think it’s important to select the hammerhead of nice material. Nowadays, in the crushing machine market, except for the differences of the prices of crushers, there are differences of the materials of hammerheads.

Firstly, the hammerhead can be made from high chromium cast iron. Generally, high chromium cast iron is of the nice toughness and high hardness. Thus, it is often used as the material of hammerheads. It is wear resistant. Besides, it consists of lot of high-hardness carbide. The service life of the hammerhead made from it is longer than that of the one made from other materials. Thus, it has been welcomed in recent years. However, for its specialties, it will increase the cost. Besides, its toughness is not good enough, which may cause the break of the hammerhead.

Secondly, the hammerhead can be made from high manganese steel, which is of work hardening. In the real operation process, the impact force of it is not enough, which causes that hammerhead’s surface can not be highly hardened rapidly. Besides, this material’s wear resistance is not good. It is not often used in the operation project in succession, especially in the gravel production line. Generally, people do not choose the hammerhead made from high manganese steel. Thus, this kind of material is going to be knocked out.

Finally, the hammerhead can also be made from low-alloyed wear resistant steel, whose toughness, hardness, and wear resistance are all better than those of the two materials mentioned above. And its cost is lower. Therefore, it has been welcomed in a period. But, its hardness is too high, which will increase the fragility of the hammerhead, which may cause the break of the hammerhead. Besides, it does not consist of high-hardness carbide. Thus, its wear resistance is not very ideal, which can not meet the higher requirement in wear resistance in the market.


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