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The Development Prospect of the Mining Machinery Industry

With the increase of the sense of environmental protection, the machines with high energy consumption are going to be knocked out. However, the crushing equipment has developed a lot in technique, product quality, and energy conservation. Recently, there will be a better development opportunity for the crushing machinery industry in China. In the future, the Chinese crushing machinery industry must develop rapidly. After several years’ development of it, it is becoming mature in technique and market. Then, faced with such a great opportunity, what is its future development direction? 

1. Because the service life of the small-scale crusher is about 3 to 5 years. In the total demand for crushers, the upgraded crushers account for 20% yearly. But, in China, many crushers are still in the operation though they are overage. Therefore, it is a matter of time to upgrade crushers..

2. China economy is developing steadily and fast. In 2009, the GDP had increased by 15%-20%. Thus, the development of the infrastructure must promote that of the crushing machinery industry.

3. It is no doubt that the post-disaster reconstruction is a focus in the engineering machinery industry. The constant increase of the domestic demand and the advance of the infrastructure can promote the development of the crushing industry.

With the rapid advance of the utilization techniques of mineral resources and its related industries, the total ore exploitation amount exceeded 5 billion tons in China in 2012 and the crushing equipment has been widely used in resources exploitation and mining construction. During the 12th Five Year Plan, it become the focus of the development in industries in China to promote the green development, build the resource-saving and environmentally friendly society, and to decrease the energy consumption and pollution emission.

The China crushing machinery market has been concerned about a lot by international equipment manufacturers. The rapid upgrade of crushing machines can promote the advance of crushers. Besides, the infrastructure construction is one of the most important tasks so that lot of construction waste will be discharged. Therefore, crushing machinery will play a very important role in the recycling of the construction waste.


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