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The Maintenance of the Crushing Equipment

In the stone production line, the crushing equipment is used mostly. Among them, there is the jaw crusher used to conduct the coarse crushing process and the impact crusher used to conduct the secondary fine crushing process, and so on. Sometimes, according to the processing requirements, it should be equipped with the sand maker. Therefore, in the stone production line, most of the maintenance tasks of the equipment are the ones of the crushing machines. If these tasks have been done well, the maintenance task of the stone production line will be finished smoothly. Next, there are three key points about the maintenance of the crushing equipment:

1. The Maintenance of the Bearing

It is probable that the bearing of the crushing machine is broken. In the usage process, there is so much abrasion of the bearing that it should be maintained and lubricated usually, which can prolong the service life of the bearing.

2. The Lubrication of the Machine

The friction surface of the crushing machine should be noticed and lubricated usually, which can guarantee the normal operation and the longer service life of the crushing machine. The volume of the grease filled into the bearing block accounts for 50%-70% of that of the bearing block. It should be replaced once every three months. At the time of the replacement of the grease, it should be remembered that the track of the balls of the bearing should be cleaned seriously with clean gasoline or kerosene. When the toggle plate touches the toggle plate pad, before the start of the crushing machine, the lubricant must be filled in the machine.

3. The Routine Maintenance

In order to guarantee that the crushing machine can be in the normal operation at any time, the downtime should be decreased and the use ratio should be increased. The abrasion of the crushing machine should be decreased to prolong the service life of it. The regular maintenance should be done forcibly. Besides, the relationship between the usage and maintenance and repair should be handled well. There mustn’t be the usage without maintenance or the repair without maintenance.


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