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Some Problems in the Development of the Powder Grinding Machinery Industry

Recently, the powder grinding machinery industry in China still can not meet the demand of a certain economic scale, which means most of the manufacturers are of the low level in the production of grinding mills. Thus, there are many problems, such as the single-machine production at a time, short run production, bad product quality, etc. In the future, in the powder grinding machinery market, there will be a large-scale collectivized highly mechanical competitive landscape.

Throughout the powder grinding machinery market in China, in recent years, its comprehensive economic benefit are generally low due to many problems, including the increase of the quantity of the imported machinery yearly, the decrease of the growing rate in the production, the whole extremely unbalanced operation, less benefit, and more loss. Especially since the implement of the market economy, township and individual enterprises have rapidly developed. Even many small factories without the machinery production capacity produce machines at random, which causes many problems, including too many machines with bad quality, unreasonable price cut, unhealthy competition, the increase of the sales expense of the product yearly, which will increase the product cost, lower the benefit, and will cause a severe economic loss.

According to the report on the analysis of the plastic machinery production market in China and the research of its development prospect in 2012-2016, recently, there are still no truly strong bands among the domestic mining machinery manufacturers, which do not have the strong influence in market so that it is hard for them to take the risk in the market. The recent market competition is actually the competition of the brand, quality, price, service, and reputation. Therefore, our powder grinding machinery enterprises should cooperate with the international famous machinery companies and introduce their advanced techniques and management modes, combining the situation in China, to rapidly adjust the product structure and to produce the efficient and anti-corrosion powder grinding machinery with nice availability, high technique, nice wear resistance, and reliable operation and sealing. We should develop the large-scale economy with the modern marketing strategy, which is vital to develop the domestic market steadily and to the sustainable development of the powder grinding machinery in China.


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