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The General Mineral Processing Methods

Iron ore is crushed firstly then it will be ground with the grinding machines. After that, the ground ore should be separated. Finally, it will turn to be balls with the calcination technique.

Manganese: some mechanical separation methods can be adopted to separate manganese, including the mineral processing, screening, gravity separation, strong magnetic separation, and flotation separation. Besides, the calcining concentration method and the mechanical ore separation method can also be used.

Chromium ore can be separated with the jigger, shaking table, screw separator, centrifugal separator, and the belt and chute.

Copper ore can be separated by some methods, such as the flotation, magnetic separation, etc. Aluminum ore is separated by hand. Cobalt ore is separated by the flotation separation method.

Lead and zinc: they are generally separated with the combination separation methods, including the magnetic-flotation separation, gravity-flotation separation, and the gravity-magnetic-flotation separation.

Nickel ore is firstly separated with the flotation separation method. Then, with some crushing and screening processes, the bed rock of big blocks, which contains less nickel and weak differentiated degree, should be removed in advance.

Tungsten: according to the category of tungsten ore, it can be divided into wolframite and scheelite. The separation methods for them are the gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation, and the separation by hand, and so on.

Tin ore is separated by the gravity separation and the flotation separation methods. Molybdenum ore is processed by the flotation method.

Gold ore: the gold content in ore is very little. In order to extract gold, gold ore should be crushed and ground firstly then it should be separated with the gravity and flotation separation methods.

Sliver ore can be separated by flotation, which is the most important method, and by some combination separation methods like the flotation-gravity separation.


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