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The Introduction to the Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator is a kind of conveyor, which is basically used to transport materials. The bucket elevator is different from the common conveyors in the transport direction.

The bucket elevator is applied to hoist the material. The material is fed into the hopper through the vibrating feeder then the material will be sent up with the continual operation of the bucket elevator. According to the amount of the material ready to be transported, the transport speed of the bucket elevator can be adjusted. And the hoisting height can be chosen according to different requirements. The hopper is designed and made by ourselves. The application range of the bucket elevator will be wider with the nontoxic PP hopper with all sizes, which can be designed and made by Fote. It is also equipped with the vertical packing machine and the measuring device, which can be used to hoist different materials like screws and it can be used in different industries. This machine can start or stop by the automatic signal recognition unit. The bucket elevator is a kind of conveyor machinery used to hoist materials continuously with its hoppers on the endless component evenly. It can be divided into the endless chain, the plate chain, and the belt one.

The bucket elevator has many advantages, including the large conveying capacity, high lifting height, reliable and stable operation, and long service life, and so on. It discharges the material with its gravity and gets the material by digging. The size of the bucket elevator is small, which can make the conveying system have a compact structure. Besides, it is sealed well. The bucket elevator consists of some parts, mainly including the transmission, the device at the top of the machine, hoppers, hosting belt, the middle section, and so on.

According to the experts of Fote Heavy Machinery, it is suggested that clients should select the bucket elevator according to different materials. They’d better communicate with our engineers firstly. Then, you can select the machine of a concrete model number.


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