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The Control Methods of the Noise of the Ball Mill

It is a tough problem to process the ball mill’s noise, which has a negative influence on the operation process. In order to decrease the damage generating from the noise, with the tests and analyses of the ball mill, we have found the way to deal with it.

The ball mill is a large-scale grinding equipment used in many industries, such as chemical engineering, metallurgy, etc. However, it has a loud noise which can spread for a long distance. The operators can not bear the noise and it will bring serious pollution. Because environmental protection is more and more important recently, it is very urgent to control its noise.

The ball mill consists of the tube body, electric motor, and the gear assembly. There are three sources of the ball mill’s noise. The first one is the mechanical noise coming from the impact between the steel balls, the steel balls and the tube, and between the steel balls and the material while the ball mill is rotating. The second one is the mechanical meshing noise from the gear assembly. The last one is the electric-magnetic noise and the exhaust noise coming from the electric motor. In order to lower the noise, there are some control methods, which are as follows:

1. The longer time the one hears the noise for, the more harm it does to his health. Therefore, the shift system can be improved for the operators. For example, it can be four shifts a day instead of three shifts a day. Besides, some measures should be taken to protect the workers on duty from the noise. The common noise-canceling tools are the earplugs, sound proof cotton balls, helmet, etc.

2. The ball mill’s guardrail on one side can be totally changed into the movable sound insulation screen, which can absorb the ball mill’s noise and protect the maintainers. Besides, the workers’ duty room can be changed into the sound insulation room with sound insulating board around

3. The ball mill should often be maintained. If it hasn’t been repaired for a so long time and is still in the operation with faults, the noise will become bigger.


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