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The Safety Devices of the Cone Crusher

The cone crusher is a kind of equipment which has been very popular, which is one of the best machines in quality in the crushing machinery industry. All of the users of cone crushers think that it is very important to select a excellent equipment with nice functions. The clients who want to purchase it both consult us about it in advance and make a reservation. In brief, there are four safety devices of the cone crusher, which should be noticed by the clients in the usage process of this machine.

1. The Dust Keeper

In the production process, in general, the dust generating from the secondary or fine crushing machines is much more than that generating from the primary crushing machines like the cone crusher. Therefore, there should be a perfect dust keeper of the cone crusher.

2. The Lubrication

All the friction surfaces of the cone crusher are circularly lubricated with the thin oil. The thin oil is filled into the machine from the oil inlet on the end cover of the center sleeve. While going into the thrust disc of the eccentric shaft sleeve, the oil is going into the thrust discs of the slots or gaps to lubricate them. In turn, the oil lubricates the center hole of the thrust disc, the surfaces inside and outside the eccentric sleeve, the back of the center hole on the main shaft. Besides, each friction surface is lubricated with the oil. Finally, after the lubrication of the spherical bearings and the bevel gears, the oil will be discharged from the oil outlet. As for the transmission bearings, there is another channel for its circular lubrication.

3. The Safety Device

The safety device of the cone crusher is the springs on the rack. Its working principle is that if some useless matters have been sent into the crushing cavity, the fixed cone and the supporting ring will be lifted up by the springs and will be compressed to enlarge the distance between the moving cone and the fixed cone, which can discharge the useless matters out of the outlet and can avoid the damage of the crushing machine. When the risk has been gotten rid of, the springs will come back to its original position.

4. The Adjustment of the Outlet

The hydraulic cylinder plays a very important role in the adjustment of the outlet. The energy accumulator of the hydraulic system can supply energy to the machine and can work as a buffer.


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