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The Property of Ore is Important for the Selection of Crushers

The property of ore is very important for the selection of the crushing equipment. Ore is different from the other materials, which is of simple property. And the main properties of ore are the chemical component, the mineral composition, the structure of the ore, the existence forms of its harmful elements, the physical and chemical properties, and so on. In order to crush different kinds of ores, the crushing machines should be selected according to the properties of ores. In this way, the output is higher and the energy consumption is less.

First of all, the mineral compositions of ore are the concrete kinds and names of the minerals of the ore. For example, the common minerals of iron ore are magnetite, hematite, quartz, feldspar, and so on. By figuring out the minerals and their contents of the ore can the mineral processing line be determined initially. Certainly, crushing machines can crush all these ores and can turn them into the final products of even particle sizes according to the requirements of users..

Besides, the physical and chemical properties of ore are important for the selection of crushing machines, including ore’s color, density, hardness, magnetic property, electrical property, degree of oxidation, pH value, etc. In general, one mineral processing method is determined according to these properties so that they are very important.

Except for the needed component like iron of iron ore, there are generally some useful and harmful components of ore. Therefore, it is very necessary to figure out the chemical components and contents of ore because it can help you to determine that which components should be recycled and which ones should be removed. The existence forms of the useful or the harmful elements mean how it exists in the ore. When it exists in a unique ore form, it can be processed by physical ore processing methods.


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