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The Structure of the Sand Making Machine

The sand making machine is widely used in various sand making industries mainly because of its high property, excellent final product, less faults. The reason why it has so many advantages is that it has the components with new techniques. Then, let’s get to know the structure of the sand making machine.

1. Feed Hopper

The feed hopper is one of the components of the sand making machine, the structure of which is an inverted pyramid. There is a wear-resistant ring at the feed hopper. The material is fed into the sand making machine from the feed hopper.

2. Impeller

The impeller is a key component of the sand making machine, which is a hollow column made from a kind of special material, which is installed at the top of the main bearing, rotating at a high speed. The material is fed from the center of the feed hopper, above the impeller, into the center of the impeller. Then, the cloth cone at the center of the impeller will send the material to each chute evenly. And there is the wear-resistant block at the outlet of the chute, which can be replaced.

3. Main Bearing

The main bearing is an important part of the sand making machine, which is installed on the foundation, used to transport the power generating from the electric motor with the triangle belt and to support the rotating impeller. The main bearing consists of the bearing block, main shaft, bearing, and so on. In the usage process, it is probable for the main shaft to be hot then the main shaft will be damaged. Thus, it should be noticed a lot to decrease this kind of problem.

4. Whirling Crushing Cavity

The whirling crushing cavity is an annular space forming by two columns. The impeller rotates at a high speed in the whirling crushing cavity. The material can stay in this cavity, forming the material layer. The material is crushed in this cavity. The material layer can separate the material being crushed from the wall of the whirling crushing cavity so that the crushing operation just happens to the material and material, in other words, the material layer can be regarded as a lining plate.

5. Foundation

Most of the components are installed on the foundation, including the whirling crushing cavity, main bearing, electric motor, transmission device. In the middle of the foundation is a quadrangular space, the center of which sits the main bearing. On both sides of it are the discharging passages. The foundation is installed on the stand.


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