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How to Prolong the Service Life of the Mineral Processing Equipment

As we know, every machinery equipment has its service life. However, in the usage process, how to prolong its service life is a very important issue. In fact, the service life of the common mineral processing machinery is not fixed because it is related to the mineral processing type to some extent. For example, the service life of some gold separation equipment is much shorter than that of the other common equipment. In the gold separation process, the main machines are the crushing equipment and the ore grinding equipment, and the mixer. Therefore, in the gold mining process, there are two processing types.

The service life of the iron ore processing equipment is quite longer. Some hematite processing machines are used to process iron ore, which means some gravity operations are conducted by recycling. Thus, compared with the other equipment’s service life, its is longer. At this time, some weak magnetic separation methods and gravity separation methods are adopted. However, in the related magnetic separation, it is often connected with some other mineral processing operations, which is very simple to do. In daily life, some simple maintenance is needed and it should be operated according to the instruction of the manufacturer strictly, which, meanwhile, is a kind of choice for lots of ore dressing plants.

Therefore, if you want the gold or iron ore processing equipment to meet a certain standard in maintenance and want to prolong its service life, you should, to some extent, get to know the property of the equipment, do some related maintenance, operate the machines according to the manufacturer’s instruction, and assign related staff to maintain the mineral processing equipment, which can make the equipment get rid of being replaced frequently in order to save some cost for the enterprise, which is beneficial for the mineral processing process.


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