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The Cone Crusher and Jaw Crusher Meet the Demand of Infrastructure Construction

In recent years, with the constant advance of science and technology, the crushing machinery industry has increasingly developed and its application range has been enlarged increasingly. The crushing machinery industry develops very fast. In a quarry or a stone production line, the jaw crusher is a machine with quite simple structure. However, in construction projects, the jaw crusher is a necessary equipment because it can offer the materials of different particle sizes to most of industries.

In recent years, with the large-scale infrastructure construction in our country, more and more materials can substitute for rare resources and stone material and aggregate have been used much more than before. Meanwhile, the jaw crusher and cone crusher are needed for the quarry industry. With the development of mining industry, the jaw crusher is the best choice for the gravel aggregate production or the ore crushing production. The jaw crusher is a common one among crushing equipment, which can crush rock and ore. According to different situations, the crushing equipment with a series of types have been developed by us to meet clients’ requirements, such as the cone crusher.

The cone crusher is mainly used to crush the rock for road and bridge construction, which is the major crushing equipment for road and bridge construction. The new-type cone crusher with advanced technique and design has already been developed in recent years. There are obvious differences between it and the traditional cone crusher in design concept and design structure. Besides, it has the advantages of the cone crushers of other types.

The application range of the new-type cone crusher is wider. It can process hard rock, ore, slag, refractory material, and so on. The cone crusher consists of the adjustment device, crushing cone, and some auxiliary parts like the lubrication device. Cone crushers can be divided into the coarse crushing cone crusher, secondary crushing cone crusher, and the fine crushing cone crusher. The new-type cone crusher can be applied to crush various ore and rock, whose hardness are higher than medium hardness. From the perspective of the production efficiency or the crushing technology, the new-type cone crusher is better than the crushing machines of other types and its price is unmatched.


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