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The Zinc Ore Processing Plant Was Widely Used in Ancient China

Zinc is a kind of metal, which is silver. Alloy and zinc-bearing alloy can be made from it with a variety of non-ferrous metals. Especially, brass can be made from zinc with copper, tin, and lead, and so on. Besides, die-casting alloy can be made from zinc with aluminum, magnesium, copper, and so on. Zinc is mainly used in some fields, including electrical industry, machinery industry, military affairs, metallurgy, chemical engineering, light industry, medical industry, etc. Besides, lead metal has lots of applications in nuke industry and petroleum industry. In order to produce more lead-zinc ore, the lead-zinc ore processing equipment emerged at the right moment.

Due to the unique properties of zinc, the design of its processing line and the investment in it are the excellent choices. We, Fote Heavy Machinery, as a zinc processing equipment manufacturer, since the establishment of our plant, have been researched and developed mineral processing equipment.

In the Ming and Qing dynasties, zinc was mainly used to make brass, coin, and a variety of utensils. In the early 17th century, zinc ingot made of China started being exported to European countries. In 1745, a ship loaded zinc ingot from Guangzhou sunk in Gothenburg, Sweden due to stranding. In 1872, some of the zinc ingot was salvaged from the sea, the zinc content of which is 98.99%, by the analysis. As we can see, the zinc separation level of China at that time is quite high. Certainly, we should be harder than the ancient people. We insist on the research and development of zinc ore processing equipment in order to produce better equipment for our clients.


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