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The Solutions of the Problem of the Sand Making Machine’s Rotor

The sand making machine is one of the sand production equipment recently, which has been used very widely. It can be applied to many fields, especially to crush rock and make it into sand efficiently in mining. Then, what is the most important thing about the sand making machine? The key part of the sand making machine is the rotor. The rotor is very important for the sand making machine. Therefore, we must maintain it well and can not ignore it.

As the saying goes, there is no perfect person. Thus, the sand making machine still has some problems. It may be damaged sometimes even it has been maintained very well. But, if it has been damaged you should not worry about it too much because we have the solutions.

Firstly, one of the reasons why the rotor is damaged is that the iron core of the sand making machine’s rotor and the position screw of the stand are loose. It is very easy to deal with it. You just have to fasten the bolt. If it is lack of blots, you just add one.

Secondly, the damage of the bearing will directly affect the operation of rotors. Thus, if there are some problems of the bearing, it must be maintained and replaced immediately in case of bigger damage.

Thirdly, the rotor may get rusty. A layer of insulating varnish should be put on the sand making machine.

The sand making machine should be maintained well so that it can be in a good operation, which can increase the production efficiency.


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