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The Brief Introduction of the Design Concept of the Magnetic Separator

In the magnetic separation practice, due to the differences of the magnetic properties of materials, particle sizes, and the physical properties, magnetite separation equipment of different properties and structures should be adopted. However, the major task for the magnetite separation equipment is to increase the grade of concentrate and the recovery rate to the largest extent.

The design target for the magnetite separation equipment is to make it be of advanced and simple structure, small volume, less weight, low cost, reliable operation, and so on.

There are many elements that can increase the concentrate’s grade like the magnetic field force and the magnetic field depth. In the magnetic field, magnets are put in order alternatively along the ore particle moving direction. The ore particles go through many magnetic poles and rotate for many times, which can increase the concentrate’s quality. The concentration zone is relatively long so that the ore particle can be concentrated for a longer time. There is a certain distance between the ore feeding place and the place where the magnetic field force is the strongest, which can get more pure magnetic product. In the wet separation process, water is sprayed onto the magnetic product to wash away the gangue while in the dry separation process the rotation speed of the drum should be increased to throw away the gangue.

In the number and quality of the magnetic product, the recovery rate and the grade are contradictory. Under some conditions, to increase the quality of the product probably will decrease the recovery rate. On the contrary, to increase the recovery rate will probably lower the product’s quality. In the design process, it is a very important thing to find the way to create better and new conditions to both increase the recovery rate and the product’s grade on a higher level.


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