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The Comparison between the Mobile Impact Crusher and the Impact Crusher

In order to process the urban construction waste, you can choose our mobile impact crusher or the fixed crushing equipment. Next, we, Fote Heavy Machinery, will introduce the comparison between the mobile impact crusher and the fixed crushing equipment in capacity and investment to you.

Recently, it is undoubtedly the best investment project to crush and process the construction waste. Then, which equipment is the most proper one to be used to crush construction waste? And how much investment there should be for it? Fote will discuss with you about the selection of the construction waste processing equipment and its investment.

To crush and process construction waste, we introduce the mobile impact crusher to you, which is the improved impact crusher. Its crushing cavity is bigger than the common impact crusher’s. The inclination of its impact plate has been enlarged and its crushing cavity has been increased, which is beneficial for the mixed crushed construction waste to get through the cavity body.

It is certainly more convenient to process construction waste with the mobile crushing machine. However, the cost of the mobile impact crusher is a little higher. Firstly, the automotive chassis, which is the carrier, is needed for all the machines. There should be two automotive chassis for a set of construction waste processing equipment, which will increase about 300 thousand yuan in cost. Secondly, it is the generating unit that is mostly used to supply the mobile impact crusher with power, which will cost about 200 thousand yuan. Without the generating unit used to supply power, there will be no sense in motion for the mobile impact crusher.

Besides, in general, urban construction waste is sent to a place to be processed intensively. It is impossible to process it in the city or at the demolition place. Although it is processed at the demolition place, the processed construction waste should also be transported away. According to our experience, the construction waste of a city is generally processed intensively at a place, which means that it is unnecessary for the processing equipment to process the waste everywhere.


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