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The Detailed Description about Hydraulic Cleaning Cavity

Efficient hydraulic cleaning cavity is mainly done by the clear cylinder chamber. The cleaning cylinder and insurance cylinder share one hydraulic cylinder, and the upper chamber of the hydraulic cylinder (rod chamber) is an insurance cylinder, and the lower chamber (rod chamber) is clear cavity cylinder. When the lower chamber of the cylinder (clear cylinder chamber) is filled with hydraulic oil, cylinder piston rises and jacks the support, and the discharging port of cone crusher is increased, and then ore is discharged from chamber. At this point, if there is a large ores in crushing cavity of cone crusher, which can not be discharged from the discharge port, and we need to operate on the decline button or lever of the chamber cylinder of hydraulic station.

The upper chamber of the hydraulic cylinder (rod chamber) is also fuel oil chamber of insurance cylinder, and then the pressure oil of insurance cylinder pushes the piston down, and the huge hydraulic pressure makes the ores in crushing chamber of cone crusher crushed, and then to open the clearance work of chamber cylinder again can make the ores discharged from the increased discharging port.

The operation action on cylinder is slow because of larger cylinder being chosen by large scale cone crusher, and that is the reason why small scale oil cylinder that can moves faster is being the cleaning chamber cylinder, whose working principles are same to each other.


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