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The Significance of Creativity and Innovation on Sand Making Machine

Recently, the rapid development of our national economy is obvious and outstanding even though there some some negative factors in this process, but we can overcome them and our steps for national modernization won’t stop. Sandstone aggregate has attracted the attentions of human bings on the topics of housing, roads and water conservancy construction. In addition, natural sand cannot satisfy the marketing demand any more, so the research and development on artificial sand making machine is necessary with higher and higher requirement on sand quality.

Artificial sand is produced by crushing machine and sand production craftsmanship, which can substitute the position of natural sand, and which can be more suitable to the requirement of building construction. Artificial sand can be made according to the concrete requirement because artificial sand has the different size and shapes according to the various production requirement.

The working process of sand making machine can be divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and third crushing, and the shape and granularity are the important technological index, which are used to measure the quality of sand aggregate. For example, we require that the shape of concrete aggregate is cubic in order to improve the strength of concrete, and the granularity of limestone should be in one solid range without powder or small powder.


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