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The Usage and Maintenance of the Flotation Cell

The Flotation cell is a kind of common mineral processing equipment, which is mainly used to process non-ferrous metals like copper, ferrous metals, and nonmetals. It should not be ignored to maintain the flotation cell in the mineral separation process. The flotation cell is a large-scale machinery and there are certain steps and requirements in the usage and maintenance of it.

1. The Main Components of the Flotation Cell

The flotation cell mainly consists of the slurry tank, mixing device, inflatable device, mineralized bubbles discharging device, and the electric motor, etc.

2. The Working Principle of the Flotation Cell

The crushed and ground ore should be mixed into slurry by the mixer with water and some agent. Then, the slurry is injected into the slurry tank. Some air is sent into the slurry to make it form many bubbles. Some mineral particles hardly wet by water, which are generally called hydrophobic mineral particles, are attached to the bubbles and float on the surface of the slurry with the bubbles together to form the mineralized foam layer. Some other easily wet ones, which are generally called hydrophilic mineral particles, are not attached to the bubbles and they just stay in the slurry. The mineralized bubbles with certain mineral should be discharged to finish the mineral separation process.

3. The Maintenance of the Flotation Cell

a. As the same as the other machines’, the working capacity and service life of the flotation cell are determined by the maintenance and the normal operation of its major parts. Each operating part should be examined seriously once every 3 to 4 months. Besides, in the first few months of the operation of the new flotation cell, it should be examined usually.

b. Only the experienced staff can examine the flotation cell.

c. In order to replace the quick-wear parts immediately and to shorten the downtime, the whole set of quick-wear parts should often be stored in the warehouse. The service life and the storage of them should be determined according to the specific situation.

d. There must be some technical guidance and training for the operators of flotation cells to make them be comprehensively familiar with the machine.

e. In order to prevent the oil from dirty or useless matters, there should be a filter while the oil is being filled into the machine. In the operation of the flotation cell, the oil lid should be sealed.

f. The flotation cell should be examined before its start and it should be started after the well connect with the preceding and the following processes.

g. The start order is that the switch of the valve is turned on firstly and the the start button is then pressed.

h. After the start of the flotation cell, the rotating parts of the machine mustn’t be touched by hand.


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