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The Reference Knowledge and Application of Density Separator

FTM density separator is for separating particles based on size and/or density. Performance of a traditional wet-gravity separation circuit is greatly improved. All in all, FTM density separators set the standard for unit and circuit efficiency.

Effective Classification and Separation

The FTM density separator has been continuously developed and perfected for more than 40 years. Initially, these units proved their utility for the more precise classification of glass and construction sands. More recently, units have been integrated into separation circuits where they complement and enhance the separation of a broad range of mineral species.

Today, in addition to industrial minerals, density separators are routinely used in iron, chromite, and titanium ore operations where the more immediate and higher recovery of quality products allows for simpler and less costly operations.

Separators range from laboratory to industrial scale, and the applications from simple to complex. Incorporating FTM technology, customers are now able to meet the high demands of an ever-changing industry.


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