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The Routine Maintenance Measurements for Ball Mills

Ball mill is a kind of grinding machine, which is widely used in many industries. In structure, there is a rotary drum on a ball mill. By the motion of belts inside the rotary drum, the whole rotary drum can be motivated. There is high-temperature air around the rotary drum for water evaporation. The external drying drum adopts the method that the rotary drum rotates forward then reverses to avoid that the drying items are not wound. Nowadays, after several transformations of ball mills, the production capacity of ball mills has greatly been improved. However, now, people focus more on how to take measures of maintenance during the using time of ball mills, in order to increase ball mills’lifetime and to guarantee high efficiency.

Next, the brief introduction of ball mills’maintenance, offered by the specialists of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery CO.,LTD., are as follows.

Generally, when the ball mill is not in usage, the screws on the ball mill’s body must be examined carefully. There may be some phenomena that the screws may be loose because the long working time of the ball mill. Under normal circumstances, these phenomena can not be avoided. Therefore, they should be paid much more attention to.

During the working time of the ball mill, the screw nuts of it should be lubricated every day. If they are usually lubricated, it will be more convenient for future production and examination.

The motor of the ball mill also should be maintained. Generally, when the ball mill starts, the motor should be maintained, especially the noise generated by the motor and its heating degree should be maintained.

Finally, the other parts of the ball mill are essential so they should be maintained. There should be none errors of each part of the ball mill, which can keep the ball mill in a good condition.

The maintenance of ball mills is a necessary and long-term work, which needs special technicians. If people are responsible for machines, they can only bring much more return.


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