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Some Suggestions for the Use of Sand Making Machines

With the increase of the demand for artificial sand in the market, sand making machines have been widely used. However, in the process of operation, sometimes there may be some failures of sand making machines. At this time, the user should get to know some reasonable solutions, which can guarantee the normal operation of the whole production line. Some suggestions for users are as follows:

1. The sand making machine can operate only when there is no materials inside. Otherwise, the electric motor must be burnt out because of the excessive pressure by the start of the motor. Therefore, users must ensure that there is no materials inside the sand making machine before it gets started.

2. Any crushing machine has its range of application, including the sand making machine. If the size of the materials is too big, the feed inlet of the sand making machine will be blocked by the materials, which will have a bad effect on the whole production line. Thus the size of the materials should be within the application range of the sand making machine.

3. After the operation of the sand making machine for a long time, it is easy for the sand making machine to be worn. Therefore, users should maintain sand making machines frequently to prolong their service life.

4. Sometimes the screws on a sand making machine may be loose because of excessive motion. Users should often examine the screws to make them be fastened tightly. Then the sand making machine can work safely and smoothly.


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