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The Process and Properties of Flotation Machines

Flotation machines are the common used equipment among separation equipment. Recently, the most common flotation machine is the mechanical agitation flotation machine. During the working time of a flotation machine, the ore pulp is processed by reagents and it is inflated by agitation, which makes some ore particle selectively be on the froth. The aim of separating ore can be reached until the products on the froth have been scraped out of the surface of the ore pulp. And the rest part should be kept in the ore pulp.

The earliest flotation machine appeared in the 1910s. The emergency of many equipment promotes the fast development of industry. The flotation machine adopts the automatic control system and it is of unmanned operation. The flotation cell and distribution system are made from special materials. It can not only improve the wear resistance of the equipment but also prolong the service life of it. The new-type flotation machines make the separation process be in the steady flow and dispersion system without interference.

The flotation machines, made by Fote Heavy Machinery, have lots of advantages. The separation precision of our flotation machine is high. It has high productivity and large treatment capacity. The operation cost of it is low. And the adaptability of the flotation machine is great. It’s easy to operate it. There are no moving parts inside the internal tank of the flotation machine, which makes it convenient for the maintenance and the inspection of the equipment. By comparison with the normal equipment, the flotation machine is more energy-efficient. The range of the electricity that can be saved by the flotation machine is one third to a half. This new-type flotation machine has effectively improved the working efficiency and the quality of the finished products.


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