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The Advantages and Properties of Sawdust Dryers

A sawdust dryer consists of the heating furnace, the feeding inlet, the rotary drum, the filter drum, the conveying pipe, the cooling drum, and the discharging inlet. The rotary drum is on the driving roller. The driving roller rotates at a low speed by the motor. And the rotary drum is driven by the driving roller. There is a feeding inlet between the heating furnace and the rotary drum. There are stirring blades in the rotary drum. A baffle is between the rotary drum and the filter drum. And there is a tiny hole on the baffle. One end of the filter drum is connected with the rotary drum, the other end of it is connected with the conveying pipe. The filter drum has a baffle inside it. There is a slag discharging hole at the bottom of the filter drum. One end of the cooling drum is connected with the conveying pipe through the air blower. The other end of it is connected with the discharging inlet.

Owing to the structure mentioned above, sawdust can be dried sufficiently inside the rotary drum. Besides, before the sawdust is moving into the conveying pipe, it is scattered again, which can make moisture evaporate rapidly. The baffle plate can block the impurities mixed with the sawdust, which can guarantee the quality of the sawdust that has moved into the conveying pipe. After the sawdust has moved into the sawdust dryer, with the combined action of the spray torch and the rotary drum, the materials are of ebullience and liquidation. When the materials are getting to the hot air thoroughly, the drying process has finished.

The sawdust dryer has many advantages. The drying intensity of it is large. The drying time of it is short. And the structure of the flash dryer is simple and it occupies a limited area. Besides, it is easy to set up. The treatment capacity of the sawdust dryer is large. It has high heating efficiency.


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