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The Steps of the Installation of Cement Ball Mills

The cement ball mill is one of the large-scale ball mills, which were developed in China. The double slipper bearings are adopted on it. In comparison with the hollow shaft grinding machine which has the same specification as the cement ball mill, the grinding mill with slipper bearings has many advantages, such as the high intensity of the drum body of it, the stability, high output, and so on. It is the main equipment of the sub-projects of the whole cement grinding process for grinding cement of 1.2 million tons. Therefore, it is very important for the whole process. It takes much patience to install this cement ball mill. It needs serious construction. The scientific construction methods and the advanced technical testing means should be adopted. It should be more strict to the quality of each installation procedure so that the excellent quality of it and the stable operation of high efficiency in a long term can be guaranteed.

The steps of the installation of a cement ball mill are complex and there are many procedures. The most important steps are as follows:

1. To inspect the foundation. The first step is to make a preparation for the installation of the equipment and to inspect the foundation seriously. This step is the most basic procedure.

2. The standard plates should be embedded previously and the job of drawing lines on the basis should be finished well, which can make a good measurement for the installation of the cement ball mill. It is also one of the preparations.

3. The equipment ready to be out of the warehouse should be inspected. Expect for the common inspection of the equipment, it should be examined more seriously whether the slipper bearing bush is contacted with the slip ring of the drum body of the grinding machine well.

4. To install the slipper bearings. The base should be installed firstly. Then, the foundation bolt should be screwed tightly.

5. After the installation of the slipper bearings and the other components, the equipment should be adjusted for many times. Then the cement ball mill can do the grinding operation.


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