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Different Crushing Methods of Crushing Equipment

Common crushers are jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, vertical shaft impact crushers, and so on. Although the crushing principles of them are very different, most of the crushing methods are same. Because the shapes of the particles of the materials are irregular and the properties of the materials are different, the crushing methods that people select are different. According to the different external forces, the methods of crushing materials by mechanical force are as follows:

1. Squashing materials into pieces.

The materials are sent into the middle of two working surfaces. After the two working surfaces put pressure on the materials, the pressure has reached the compress strength of the materials then the materials are crushed. In general, this method is applied to crush blocks of materials. The laminated principle is applied to jaw crushers and cone crushers. There are little abrasion of the wear-resistant parts of them, which can reduce the production cost of the company a lot.

2. Chopping materials into pieces.

The materials are sent into the middle of a flat surface and a working surface with sharp edges. When the working surface with sharp edges presses the materials, the materials will be chopped into pieces along the line of action of pressure. It is because the tensile stress of the split flat of the materials has reached or exceeded the tensile strength limit of the materials.

3. Breaking off materials.

The materials are broken by the action of the bending stress. When the bending stress of the materials has reached the bending strength, the materials are broken off and crushed.

4. Crushing materials by impact force.

The materials are crushed by impact force. Because the crushing force is instantaneous, the crushing efficiency is high and the crushing ratio is high. And the consumption of energy is little.


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