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The Talcum Grinding Machines

The talcum resources are distributed widely and relatively intensively in our country. There are talcum of different reserves and grades, which have been found in 15 provinces in our country. There are five provinces whose reserves of talcum are lager. They are Liaoning, Shandong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, and Qinghai. Talcum is widely used. It can be used in many industries, such as paper industry, plastics industry, coating industry, painting, ceramic, rubber, the waterproof materials, pharmaceuticals industry, and cosmetic industry.

Thus, it is the focus for many investors how to process talcum powder to create value in the places with abundant talcum resources. According to the situations in the past few years, lots of manufacturers of talcum powder have realized that the further development of the talcum industry can not only depends on cheap resources and low-end grinding equipment. It must depend on the technical advantages and high efficient talcum processing equipment in order to produce further processed products and to improve the effective use of the resources.

The talcum powder of different grades can be used in different fields. With the constant increase of the standard of the demand for talcum in the market, the demand for the finished products of talcum powder has also been increased. The equipment, such as the ultra fine grinding machines and the high strength grinding machines, have been used in the talcum powder processing field a lot. And the processed talcum powder is applied widely.

The specifications of the talcum powder which is used most in the market are 200 meshes, 325 meshes, 500 meshes, 600 meshes, 800 meshes, 1250 meshes, and so on. It can be seen that different kinds of grinding machines are needed for the further processing of talcum powder. The talcum powder of 200 meshes or 325 meshes can be processed by Raymond mills or high strength grinding machines. The talcum powder of 500 meshes, 600 meshes, 800 meshes, or 1250 meshes can be produced by the ultra fine grinding machines. As a professional manufacturer of grinding machines, Fote Heavy Machinery has the three kinds of talcum grinding machines mentioned above.


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