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The Importance of the Pebble Sand Making Machine

In the market, the main pebble sand making machine is a new high efficient sand making equipment, also named the fine crusher, which was designed according to the working principles of various crushers and the concrete feedback from its users. The most classic application of it is that it is applied to the recent artificial sand making industry. And it is the substitute for the rod mill, the impact crusher, the cone crusher, or the vertical shaft sand making machine.

In many areas in the gravel industry in our country, the natural sand is decreasing, lacking, or being exhausted. Thus, the pebble sand making machine for artificial sand making can meet the requirements of the national construction in the new era. Especially since China’s reform and opening up, the national economic construction has developed very fast. The development of the industries with the sand used as concrete aggregate and the gravel used in transportation and railway is also very fast.

Recently, the materials for artificial sand making are the stones whose rock hardness is high, compressive strength is high, and abrasiveness is good. For example, in the sand making process of basalt or granite, the process design for gravel processing system and the operation control will have a greater influence on the engineering quality of the finished aggregate and concrete and the cost for the engineering. Because the gravel processing system is one of the most important ancillary facilities in the hydro-power engineering, supplying the artificial aggregate for the engineering by the system in good quality is the basic guarantee for the successful construction of the engineering.


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