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The Influence of Economic Policy on the Development of Roll Crushers

In America, the manufacturing industry has been regarded as the most low-end traditional industry, which was not promising. Since the financial crisis in America, the economic planning has been carried out by its government to recover economy mainly by manufacturing industry. Now, the economic planning has taken obvious effect. Much more output value can be produced for other industries by the manufacturing industry and it can promote the development of the whole economy obviously.

According to the latest study, made by the Mckinsey Global Institute in America, the global consulting industry giant, the American manufacturing industry is the most dynamic part in the global economy. What’s more, roll crushers can promote the productivity and improve the standard of living. And it can create some job opportunities.

In our country, the roll crusher has been developed for decades. And it has made a great progression. However, for a long time, we have adopted the extensive mode of economic development. The enterprises in China are chasing interests blindly. Besides, the Chinese policy and culture are the important elements which can have an influence on the economic development. Recently, one advantage of Chinese roll crushers manufacturing industry is that our labor cost is still comparatively low. Certainly, there are some disadvantages. We don’t have obvious technical advantages. And our cost of energy is too high. Besides, the external competition is intense. Faced with these problems, enterprises themselves can not deal with them and they need more powerful support of national policy.


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